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marketing bend oregonMarketing | Bend, Oregon

As Bend’s Celebrity Daredevil, Mark Etting personifies the courage it takes to run a business. His mission: inspire you to move forward with boldness and resolve.

9:30 a.m.—already, the sun was hot in the summer sky; many lives would hang in the balance on this hellishly-scorching day. With extreme dedication and not a little courage, one man set about keeping his charges safe…

Winston Churchill once said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” I dig that. I’m giving my Seal of Approval this month to The Reptile Zone here in Bend, Oregon because owner, Jeff Jensen totally rocks that quote!

My man J.J. opened Central Oregon’s first reptile pet shop in 2008 in a tiny little speck of a place tucked behind 3rd Street. With more grit than you’d find at a John Wayne lookalike convention, he made a gutsy move and expanded into his current location at 542 NE Greenwood. His Facebook now has over 1500 likes—that alone tells you something! A lot of people have seen the Reptile Zone, but stomp down your kickstand, baby, and settle in for a little inside M.E. peek at this totally righteous local business owner. We’ve helped this Bend, Oregon business with their marketing for years, and so we have an inside scoop!

What you may not know about the Jeffster is that every summer, he goes through hell and just keeps going. See, taking care of enough snakes, lizards and other critters to make Indiana Jones have a panic attack ain’t easy. It’s dang near impossible in the heat of summer. It gets, like, a jillion degrees in there, especially with all the heat lamps, tanning booths, toaster ovens and blow driers the reptiles need. So every day, Jeff freezes a bunch of soda bottles filled with water and then places one in every cage in the store to keep his animals chillin’.

marketing bend oregon

Kids: Always wear a helmet while riding a dragon

There’s a good lesson here for your business, broski (or…um…sisterski). When the heat’s on, you gotta have a resourceful, never-say-die attitude or you’re toast. Sales down? Keep going. Running out of capital? Keep going. Can’t find good help? Just keep going. Just about every business has defining moments that determine whether they will crash and burn, or get back up on the bike and ride on. The ones that succeed are the ones that stand down the sun with little bottles of ice, refusing to quit, no matter how hot it gets.

Jeff Jensen of The Reptile Zone gets a big thumbs up from M.E. for being one intrepid, never-say-die, win a staring contest with the sun kind of guy. I like to say that if you refuse to be defeated, you never will be.

marketing bend or

Filming the ME Time talk show on location

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