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How Teddy Roosevelt nearly lost his life and what it means for your businessadvertising agency bend or

“Leave me and save yourselves!” The great ex-president, a self-made bull moose of a man lay against a fallen log, his face gaunt and pale.

The year was 1914, and Teddy Roosevelt and his son Kermit were nearing the end of an epic trip to explore the most unexplored and intimidating tributary of the mighty Amazon River. Aptly named the Rio da Dúvida (River of Doubt) before being re-named the Rio Roosevelt, the serpentine waters wound through nearly impenetrable jungle, with impassable rapids and waterfalls.

Lost and running out of supplies, the expedition was in jeopardy, not to mention the lives of the entire party. Just days before, Teddy had slipped and sustained a gash on his leg, which had become infected. He did not have the energy to go on. But Kermit was forged of similar steel as his father and refused to let his father die in the wilderness. With Kermit half carrying his father, the intrepid pair limped their way back to civilization.

There’s a good lesson in this remarkable story for all of us in business: When you’re ready to give up, don’t. There is always a way, even if it means getting help. For example, you may have a big goal but a small advertising budget. Getting there may seem out of reach, but what if you can find another business to co-market with you? You may not be able to afford a print ad, for example, but maybe you could afford to split the cost on a co-branded ad campaign. One of our Bend, Oregon ad agency clients, for instance, Peak Transport, is an Audi and VW service provider that happens to have a friendly relationship with Hub Cyclery. Of course, many Audi and VW owners are also avid bikers. So, we’re working on a combined ad campaign that incorporates both brands in some very entertaining ads, and the two will be discussing cross promotion and incentives—for example, perhaps anyone getting a tune-up on their vehicle gets a coupon for a discounted bike tune-up and vice versa. Working together, companies can achieve more than they can alone!

After Teddy and Kermit returned to the U.S., skeptics raised doubts about the River of Doubt story. Teddy rebutted his critics in a public forum sponsored by the National Geographic Society. In 1927 American explorer George Miller Dyott led a second trip down the river, independently confirming Roosevelt’s discoveries.

Make your marketing an adventure and don’t be afraid to explore options that can take you further than you could imagine!

To read the compelling full story, you can read T.R.s account of the expedition, Through the Brazilian Wilderness or the excellent River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey by Candice Miller.

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Advertising Revolution | Web Design | Bend, Oregon

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Is your marketing still in the stone ages?

In the last decade, the world of marketing and media has undergone such seismic shifts. TV’s share of total media-watching time has shrunk by 10.75 percent over just the last five years. Increasing numbers of viewers are watching streaming TV, which does not even have ads. In fact, digital devices have taken over 47 percent of all media time. In other words, the “future” of advertising has been here for a while now, but many agencies and brands are struggling to adapt to the pace of rapid evolution. A major additional factor is that the increasing thrust of social media has only accelerated this revolution.

The rules of advertising have forever changed for those using various digital media. Ads that interrupt the viewing experience often get tuned out or turned off. The public now has so many choices and vast control over which media they will actually utilize on a regular basis. Therefore, to be truly effective, advertising must present content that naturally attracts the audience and holds their attention for a sufficient length of time. This includes gripping stories that ooze meaning. Such storytelling creates genuine value for a brand’s audience. If the value is not there, viewers will soon move on.

Audiences also are now viewing media according to their own schedules. Therefore brand stories must be transmitted 24/7, and across a wide variety of media. A major key now is to have brand stories that are so compelling that they are eagerly shared across the various social media channels, maybe even gaining viral movement. Since there is so much content on the Web, it is critical that the brand effectively differentiates itself as unique and outstanding from the many competing voices.

Marketing agencies thus need the vision and breadth of skills required to innovate with advertising and really make it work for clients. What is necessary is an integrated agency that fully understands brand management across a wide variety of media. Strategy and storytelling must integrate media efforts into a seamless whole, always keeping the audience’s needs and interests at the forefront of attention. This seamless integration of storytelling is what ultimately leads to content being shared on various social media platforms, and thus a brand gaining cachet over time.

Advertising, Web design, and content marketing over the various platforms is challenging. Not only does it require great storytelling, but it needs to be based on solid market research data. Technology must be kept up with in a timely manner. The audience must be targeted with great accuracy. In your brand efforts in Bend, Oregon (or anywhere!), we at Intrepid Marketing are here to help you as a full-service agency—one that is always working hard to help you stay ahead of the crowd!


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Kelly Walker is Creative Director for Intrepid Marketing, a leading Bend, Oregon marketing agency. For more information, contact Kelly at: (541) 419-9976 or Kelly@intrepidforward.com.

Headline Power! | Web design Bend OR

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Little things can have BIG power!

“Extra, Extra, Read all about it.” Many will remember hearing such words in a classic movie, where some major, attention-grabbing headline was riveting the focus of the entire civilized world. Indeed, there are no words more critical in your content than your headlines. These phrases have the potential to powerfully pull in an audience—with the end result that your articles and blogs have a much better chance of getting read! Well-crafted headlines are also a key to distribution via social media sharing and syndication. Let’s examine a few aspects of headline power.

First of all, with modern tools, you initially don’t have to be locked into just one headline. You can run an experiment to directly ascertain which competing headline actually gets better results. This is sometimes known as A/B testing. The gist of it is to randomly segment your audience and have two different headlines appear. Some viewers see one, others see the alternate. Your audience itself will show you which headline is more effective in terms of initial clicks and further page views.

Some enterprises find success by utilizing headlines that drive a greater level of curiosity. At times this can go to what some would consider an extreme level, with particular sites well-known for superlatives and even sensationalism. While this may be effective for some genres of content, in other cases this extreme curiosity tactic may need to be significantly moderated for your particular niche. Always keep a firm focus on the content marketing goals for your brand. Which headlines will help it to continue to build influence and bring about meaningful engagement and desired actions?

Remember, with your audience it is quality over quantity. It is one thing to have a huge viewership, but if they are largely lacking passion and engagement with your business, your results will be far less than optimal. It is a quality audience that will help you to grow your business. If your headlines spur viewers to open an email, but they then feel deceived by the headline, you have just lost momentum.

That being said, curiosity does have its proper place in your headlines and content marketing. Successful content marketing requires the audience to travel on a voyage with an enterprise, one that usually gradually unfolds. But if all your information and punch line is spilled right at the outset, then who is going to stick around long enough to become deeply engaged in the full story of your brand? Such an approach would be similar to a movie whereby the basic plot was given away in the first few minutes. How many viewers would remain engaged or even stay for the whole story? So use your headlines to perk a healthy level of curiosity, and then gradually unveil the story of your brand to your increasingly engaged viewers!


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Content that Drives Conversions | Web Design Bend, Oregon

Web design bend oregonNo matter how much interesting content you are putting out via your Web design in Bend, Oregon, you also have to think about the bottom line of your business. Is your content driving a sufficient level of conversions? Here are some more tips on creating content which will be powerful in achieving this vital aim!

  • Don’t try to do everything at once. Content usually is more effective if it is focused on a single call to action, rather than multiple goals. Analogous to landing pages, you will increase the probability of conversions if you guide the readers along a journey towards taking just one critical call to action. Don’t distract them in a way that dissipates their energy in multiple directions.
  • Don’t overdo your links. This point of keeping a proper focus with your content is prominently displayed when it comes to the important topic of link building. While it is recognized that  lots of links can often be a factor in building a strong SEO rating for your Web design in Bend, Oregon, don’t overdo it! When link building gets out of balance, conversions rates tend to go way down. Readers have too high of a chance of being taken away from your site before they even reach your primary call to action!
  • Tap the power of association. In some cases your readers may be further convinced of your legitimacy and take your call to action if they see you associating with someone they already recognize. If is often valuable for a growing business to try to work with name brands while their own brand is not yet well known. Equally effective can be personal communications, such as interviews with prominent people within an industry. Although they are not always so easy to obtain, these types of relationships can be effective at increasing brand awareness and a higher conversion ratio. If you are fortunate enough to have some of these valuable connections, keep an appropriate amount of energy focused on maintaining them.
  • Relate! You website calls to action will be more effective when readers feel that you deeply understand their needs and wants. The public tends to more strongly trust people who are genuinely empathetic with their day-to-day problems. So establish a genuine rapport! What issues might they be struggling with, and have you had any similar challenges? If so, how did you more successfully navigate the hazardous terrain?  It might even be possible for you to describe how one of the products or services that your company currently offers helped you with your own tricky situation! This could be a great opportunity to engage in some compelling story telling based on real life. A story which closes with a convincing call to action in a timely manner!

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Making Your Social Media (Actually) Work | Marketing Bend, Oregon

Marketing Bend OregonYou may be wondering whether social media marketing can actually be a valuable part of your marketing in Bend, Oregon and beyond, or if it’s a time waster. The answer is all in how you use it. Social media can be invaluable in analyzing your audience to understand what they most care about—in essence, listening to their social conversations—and then from that, producing content that is relevant and interesting, creating a high level of engagement. Social media marketing can be a major key in efficiently distributing that content over the Web.

In this process it is first necessary to understand why you are communicating on a particular platform, and what content it is best to deliver there. In this stage it is mandatory to analyze the top social platforms, to discern where the majority of your target audience is congregating. For example, Pinterest’s demographic is mainly in the female gender, Instagram trends toward younger audiences (though this is changing), and Facebook pretty much covers the gamut.

Count the cost before committing to a platform. Examine your budget to ensure that the necessary resources are in place to consistently engage with the public through regular updates. An outdated social media presence is a quick path to irrelevancy and a lack of credibility! In terms of content, make maximum use of your website and blog in order to direct and increase traffic to the media platforms you actually own and control.

It is best to have a precise, detailed strategic purpose for any social media where you decide to post your content. Have a reason to be wherever you decide to publish content. Stay away from generalities like “to increase exposure.” Consider desired action chains, whether it be commenting, sharing your content, etc. The content you post has the potential to create conversions, and the taking of a next step towards a deeper relationship with your brand. Someone may evolve from a Twitter follower to a regular viewer of your website. Then this individual may become a subscriber to your newsletter, and then a regular and dedicated customer.

As you intelligently utilize social media in conjunction with your other marketing tools, carefully examine what type of content the audience seeks on this channel. Then customize your message appropriately so that it deeply resonates. What informational needs do viewers have on this platform, how can you meet their needs? Choosing the right tone for each platform is very important; some situations call for a very professional approach, whereas others can be more conversational or fun and lighthearted.

Timing and consistency are key. Plan how frequently you aim to post content for each platform. Some enterprises may find that once a day on Facebook (or less) is plenty, but monitoring Twitter needs to be more ongoing. Every business engaged has its own unique situation, so experiment around to find the best balance for you and your viewers! Call us if you need guidance; we’re here in Bend, Oregon to help you get the most out of your social media marketing!


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Consistently Get the Base Hits! Web Design Bend Oregon

Web Design Bend OregonWith your creative work in your Web design in Bend, Oregon, are you focused too much on making the Big Splash, on hitting the Grand Slam? A common content marketing conceptual error is that in order to realize the maximum Return on Investment, your content MUST go viral. But with the vast amount of new material being published on the Web every day, having your content go viral is a slim probability at best!

Thankfully, this reality is not a problem! To be effective with content marketing, you don’t need to worry about having frequent grand slam concepts that receive a billion hits on their first day. Creating and promoting compelling, helpful content on a CONSISTENT basis will go a long ways towards achieving your goals!

One must remember that in baseball, hitting a home run or grand slam is quite rare. Some of the best teams and best players have instead focused on making incremental progress via singles and doubles–a successful strategy of gradually loading the bases and then hitting in one runner after another to home plate. Likewise with your Web Design in Bend Oregon, it can be very effective to focus your creative work on useful content that may not smack it way out of the park, but still produces the productive step of a good base hit. In both baseball and content marketing,  it is not as easy as it looks to get a single!

When watching a baseball game, fans are realistic and  do not anticipate a grand slam every game. However, a regular output of base hits can still make for an interesting and even winning game. In order to get these hits on a consistent basis, you must have a comprehensive content marketing strategy firmly integrated into your overall business plan. Keep laying the foundation. Wisely utilize your resources to achieve smaller successes that  eventually might lead to something much bigger–definitely don’t give up on creating the occasional grand slam; they do occasionally happen, and they indeed can give your company a healthy boost.

The surest way to get consistent base hits and the occasional home run with your Web Design in Bend Oregon is to maintain the focus on your audience’s most important needs and wants. As has been discussed before on this blog, keep your focus on your target audience, and don’t try to address everybody on the Web! No matter the precise direction you take or the genre of content you create, make it helpful to your audience. People are trying to solve their real-world problems. Think carefully about the members of your core audience. Where are their needs not being met, and in what way can your business be of tangible help?

Web design Bend OregonKelly Walker is Creative Director for Intrepid Marketing, a leading Bend, Oregon marketing agency. For more information, contact Kelly at: (541) 419-9976 or Kelly@intrepidforward.com.

Focus on your Core Audience! Web Design Bend Oregon

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Focus on killer content, young Grasshopper!

Ask yourself these questions in regards to your Web design in Bend Oregon:

  • Have you truly delineated the key audience for your Web content, newsletter, podcast, or your blog? Whether your goal is to sell more products or services, it is mandatory to keep focused on your core audience. Be highly specific regarding the audience for each major item of content. Who is it exactly that you are targeting via this particular media platform?
  • What is the taken action or change in behavior that is essential in order to be able to label this content  as successful? Is your goal to augment customer loyalty, lower costs, or increase sales?
  • What aspect of the needs of the viewer are you effectively addressing with your Web design? Are you truly  making their jobs less demanding or augmenting their lives in some tangible way? What are the real-world problems you are solving for them?
  • Are you truly relevant in this rapidly evolving world? If you did not create this  informational content for your audience, would they even care? Could they easily find the informational equivalent or better elsewhere?Each of these questions is vital; the first question is especially important and foundational. If you are trying to address multiple audiences with one piece of content, most often there will be a significant dilution of the power and focus of that content, with the net effect being a lesser overall impact on positive results, and so it will be extremely difficult to fulfill  your marketing goals!As you ask yourself these questions and find areas for improvement; remember to keep the solutions as elegant and simple as possible. Very often, branded content campaigns start out quite well with a key audience focus, but then over time they expand to cover a multiplicity of audiences. The  simple solution in your Web design in Bend Oregon may be that you need to refocus on your core audience as was done successfully in the past. In addition, then use another media platform or content campaign to effectively communicate with your carefully selected secondary audiences.  Remember that you can’t target every audience, so stay properly focused with your time and energy!

Web design Bend OregonKelly Walker is Creative Director for Intrepid Marketing, a leading Bend, Oregon marketing agency. For more information, contact Kelly at: (541) 419-9976 or Kelly@intrepidforward.com.